Broadcast IP, IIP & IIIP AME

Students learn how to produce professional film and broadcast content with professional tools including HD cameras and professional lighting, sound equipment and editing software. Students will learn everything from concept through to finished product. Broadcast IP AME focuses on the overall production process and tyhe basic skills required to execute a project and collaborate effectively. Students will also learn essential industry history and watch and analyze a selection of films to provide them with a contextual understanding of the technical, business, cultural and artistic framework that our industry occupies in society.

Broadcast IIP AME builds on the base provided in year one and adds greater depth of knowledge in specific areas of expertise, chosen by the student: directing, camera work, motion graphics and animation, script writing, producing, reporting and more. Second year students will delve into more complicated project work that requires extensive work with professional adults outside the classroom setting. Upper level courses delve into more detail and students take on more responsibility for producing content for the student run KYOTV Channel.

Broadcast IIIP AME is the capstone year for our students. They will complete two major projects as a part of this final year. First they will take on a PSA project for which they will have to find a non-profit client in the community. Finally, the entire class will work as a unit to create a professional level short film. Students will be responsible for everything from writing, directing, producing and editing the film to fundraising for their budget, doing PR and Marketing, catering and putting on a premiere!

Altogether, Ms. Selke's Film IP course and the consecutive Broadcast I, II and IIIP courses provide our students with an extraordinary education in film and TV production. our students have gone on to the world's top film programs or have moved directly into the industry with great success. We look forward to the continued success of our students in college and life beyond.