English IVP AME

English IV fulfills the requirements for a college prep class; it is a final preparation for life beyond high school. The assignments are designed to incorporate the reading and writing skills that have been learned in prior years. Students engage in group projects and assignments that mirror college and work force experiences. There is an introduction to argumentative writing, constructing a resume, working for a creative agency, and writing a personal narrative for colleges. Certain assignments are inter-disciplinary, utilizing lessons from Government, Economics, Broadcast, and English. Curriculum includes Dante's Inferno, Hamlet, Paradise Lost, The Illiad, and Canterbury Tales.

In the Academy, English students will work with original materials from the industry in place of or in addition to their standard course materials. Students analyze and write treatments and scripts as well as films. Industry vocabulary and terms are integrated into both the English and History coursework to help create meaningful real world connections between academic and CTE classes.